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Adult sex toys, vibrators and dildos

Here at sextoyfun4u.co.uk we have listed a catalog of adult sex toys which we update ever day as new items come in,

We have a range of vibrators and dildos, Vibrators are the type of sextoys that require batteries to give you a stimulating experience, We have vibrators that look and feel realistic with a control unit to increase or reduce the speed and vibration, These come in different textures, lengths and colours.

Penis Vibrators

Have a control knob to increase the vibration, These sextoys come in different colours and sizes also jelly and not rigid, plus some are waterproof so you can take them in the shower, bath or swimming pool.

Rabbit Vibrators

Sextoys for the ladies, have double the pleasure with a bunny vibrator, again these have a control unit either on a cord or attached to the bottom of the sex toy rabbit vibrator, various types shapes and sizes, some with beads half way down the shaft for added erotic excitment, Made from soft jelly material with ears that gentle stimulate the clitoris along with deep penetration. vibrate, rotates and stimulates.

Mens Sex Toys

We also have sex toys for men such as penis extenders and penis sleeves giving the look and feel of a larger penis, we have standard penis endenders and sleeves that just look as real that are fitted over the penis. Some of our products are designed to have a gimick look and feel with colours or rubber nobes to stimulate you more. We have penis sleeves and extenders that can be attached or come complete with a vibrator unit.

How about a love ring that sides to the bottom of the penis holding you tight, this gives partners both pleasure with added rubber or leather nodes also some vibrate, Various design of cock rings and ties in our catoluge have different added features look and made from various materials such as rubber, silicone, foam and metal give a range of sentations.


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